Past Champions






1946 P W Harvey (EP)  East London  D Alexander (WP) 
1947  A F Burnes (Tvl)  Durban  W Edmonds (N) 
1948  H Conyers Kirby (WP)  Port Elizabeth  W Edmonds (N) 
1949  R G Drury (B)  Cape Town  T A Fuller (WP) 
1950  O J Jones (N)  Johannesburg  W Edmonds (N)  
1951  A Stewart (EP)  East London  W Edmonds (N)  
1952  H P Fraser (Tvl)  Durban  J A Godding (N) 
1953  E H Howes (WP)  Port Elizabeth  P A Cuthbert (EP) 
1954  G B Berlyn (B)  Cape Town  G Stewart (WP) 
1955 W Aitcheson (N)  Johannesburg  C G Taylor (Tvl) 
1956 A S Leith (OFS)  East London  C G Taylor (Tvl)  
1957 G H Pearson (EP)  Durban  P D B Spence (N) 
1958 S F Harvey (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  J R Smith (N) 
1959 J M Holland (WP)  Port Elizabeth  B G R Ryan (EP) 
1960 E J G Gibb (B)  Cape Town  W Edmonds (N) 
1961 A G Stevenson (N)  Johannesburg  E B Bell (Tvl) 
1962 F G Hinley (OFS)  East London  H van Heerden (WP) 
1963 A C Ball (EP)  Durban  E L Dalton (N) 
1964 H B Keartland (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  J P G Glover (OFS) 
1965 S B H Gillett (WP)  Port Elizabeth  T F Hurly (Tvl) 
1966 D D Wilson (B)  Johannesburg  A J McCracken (Tvl) 
1967 T J Price (N)  Cape Town  R van der Merwe (Tvl) 
1968 P Connan (OFS)  East London  E L Dalton (N) 
1969 F Packer (EP)  Durban  E L Dalton (N) 
1970 B Mitchell (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  W P Cochrane (OFS) 
1971 D M Crowe (WP)  Port Elizabeth  E L Dalton (N) 
1972 F W Cooper (B)  Johannesburg  C deG Watermeyer (N)  
1973 J I M Campbell (N)  Cape Town  E L Dalton (N) 
1974 J F Krige (OFS)  East London  R W Glennie (WP) 
1975 H Kelly (EP)  Durban  K H A Bain (Tvl) 
1976 A M Steele (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  K H A Bain (Tvl) 
1977 F L Cannon (WP)  Port Elizabeth  A W Stewart (Tvl) 
1978 J A Chubb (B)  Johannesburg  A W Stewart (Tvl) 
1979 R C S Frost (N)  Cape Town  G Muller (OFS) 
1980 E W Warner (OFS)  East London  A W Stewart (Tvl) 
1981 J O Young (EP)  Durban  M R Johnstone (Tvl) 
1982 J R Du Bourg (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  K H A Bain (WP) 
1983 A E Hewitt (WP)  Port Elizabeth  B Humphrey (EP) 
1984 M Belchers (B)   Johannesburg R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1985 O S Hampson (N)  Cape Town  T Long (EP) 
1986 R A Southey (OFS)  East London  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1987 A W D Hanley (EP)  Durban  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1988 T M King (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1989 M Morris (WP)  Port Elizabeth  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1990 A K K Hall (B)  Cape Town  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1991 T S Meehan (N)  Johannesburg  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1992 C F Aquadro (OFS)  Durban  G Pearson (N) 
1993 P J Watson (EP)  East London  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1994 C P Bruyns (Tvl)  Bloemfontein  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1995 R N Du Toit (WP)  Port Elizabeth  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1996 N G M Wilson (N)  Johannesburg  R C Taylor (Tvl) 
1997 D M A Kirk (B)  Cape Town  D Knight (N) 
1998 R Becker (FS)  George  T Long (EP) 
1999 C Holloway (NC)  East London  D Gouws (B) 
2000 J Raubenheimer (SC)  Durban  S Johnson (G) 
2001 J Richards (EP)  Bloemfontein  D Poynton (KZN) 
2002 T Morgan (G)  Port Elizabeth  R White (G) 
2003 E Parlabean (WP)  Johannesburg  C du Toit (G) 
2004 N Delgado (KZN)  Cape Town  R White (G) 
2005 R Sabbagh (B)  George  M Kerby (G) 
2006 T Quin (FS)  East London  R White (G) 
2007 M Bradnum (N)  Durban  Cancelled due to Rain 
2008 H Wesson (SC)  Bloemfontein  Derek Lunt (FS) 
2009 B Blenkinsop (EP)  Port Elizabeth  Alistair Forbes (KZN) 
2010 C Richardson (G)  Cape Town  Alistair Forbes (KZN)  
2011 S Pienaar (WP)  Johannesburg  Alan Field (G) 
2012 B Stokoe (KZN)  Plett/Knysna  Alistair Forbes (KZN)  
2013 Jimmy Stott (B)  East London  Alistair Forbes (KZN)  
2014 Marius Du Toit (FS)  Durban  Alistair Forbes (KZN)  
2015 John Lankester (NC)  Free State  Derek Lunt (FS) 
2016 John Marr (SC)  Eastern Province  Alistair Forbes (KZN)  
2017   Western Province  
2018   Gauteng  
2019   Southern Cape  
2020   Border  
2021   Gauteng North  
2022   KwaZulu-Natal  




Diamond 8s Challenge

Published: 2020/02/03 by Allan Bulmer

The Northern Cape Seniors have pleasure in inviting seniors to their inter society challenge from 28-30 May 2020 at the Kimberley Golf Club. Select Diamond 8s Challenge from the Tournaments tab for details

Manual Entry Form for Nationals 2020

Published: 2019/10/26 by Mike Bladen

For those members unable to enter electronically, a Manual Entry Form is available either from your Society Secretary or under the Tournaments tab. Kindly fill it in by pen and return timeously to your secretary for processing.

National Tournament 2020

Published: 2017/03/03 by Allan Bulmer

The 2020 National Tournament will be hosted by the Border Society from 19th to 24th April 2020 - entries will be open to Active members from 28 October to 25 November 2019