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                               SOUTH AFRICAN SENIORS GOLFING TOURS



2011                          SA TO UK                                                   L THOLE

2012                          NIL

2013                          SA TO AUSTRALIA                                   J BROWNRIGG

2014                          NIL

2015                          UK TO SA + SA TO CHILE                        R JELLEY (CHILE)

2016                          NIL                 

2017                          AUSTRALIA TO SA

2018                          NIL

2019                          SA TO UK+CHILE TO SA                           G ODGERS (UK)

2020                          COVID

2021                          COVID                      

2022                          SA TO AUSTRALIA                                     J BROWNRIGG

2023                          NIL

2024                          SA TO CHILE (mid March 2024)

2025                          UK TO SA

2026                          AUSTRALIA TO SA

2027                          NIL

2028                          CHILE TO SA

2029                          SA TO UK                 




Tournament Information page

Published: 2024/04/06 by Allan Bulmer

The Tournament Information page was updated on 6th April 2024. Golf Cart and Caddie prices have been amended.

National Tournament 2024

Published: 2023/03/02 by Allan Bulmer

The 2024 National Tournament will be hosted by the Kwazulu-Natal Senior Golfers Society from 5-9th May 2024. The tournament will be played at Royal Durban Golf Club and Durban Country Club