The Golf Courses

The 2019 SGUSA National Tournament will be hosted by the Senior Golfers' Society of the Southern Cape at the following courses


Power Van scenic trip

Published: 2019/03/11 by Allan Bulmer

The Power van scenic trip has been cancelled. Please refer to the Ladies Program page under Tournaments

Zambian Seniors Invitation

Published: 2019/03/06 by Allan Bulmer

An invitation has been received from the Zambian Seniors to participate in their Annual Championship Tournament - refer to Tours

National Tournament Tee Times

Published: 2019/03/01 by Allan Bulmer

The tee times for the National Tournament in April 2019 are available from the Tournaments tab. Latest timesheets posted 20th March 2019

National Tournament 2020

Published: 2017/03/03 by Allan Bulmer

The 2020 National Tournament will be hosted by the Border Society from 19th to 24th April 2020 - dates updated 4th July 2018